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We help you build Wealth!




Founded in 2015, Golden Cube has assembled a world-class team of professionals committed to  one  mission:
Making real estate investing accessible, cost-effective and simple!


Our company specializes in a new type of investment: Class C properties.

Class C properties are housing that is provided for lower income residents. They are becoming a new hot commodity in the real state community as they allow for previously unseen ROI (return on investment).



The multifamily real estate sector offers investors a wide array of property types and classes in which to invest. This is one of the more attractive features of commercial real estate and allows investors to choose assets that match their investment goals. For instance, a low cap rate Class A property in a dense urban core may provide more stable returns with less sweat equity, while a high-cap-rate value-add Class B or C property might offer higher yields, for investors!


Multifamily property classes are categorized based on several different factors, including the age of the property, its location, any special features or amenities, gross income, and others.

Class C properties can be diamonds in the rough with significant necessary physical upgrades, or upgrades to ongoing business operations like management and marketing. As housing and property values continue to climb in many parts of the United States, Class C properties are becoming a hot commodity in the world of multifamily development.


It's Your Life. Live It.

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